Ben is the rocket ship that could have saved NASA.
(Does NASA still exist? Does NASA even know about Ben?)
He graduated MHS in 2001 and blazed through NC State supersonic style. Now he sets world records and makes creative history (every day).
Oh, and he married the girl of his dreams.
Ben is all about dreams.
Big dreams. Small dreams. Creamsicle dreams. Green dreams.
And those dreams where you fly.
(Because those dreams are the coolest. Hello? NASA?)
Dreams. That is what Ben is all about (echo).
Because if you don’t have dreams you have nightmares.
And Ben hates nightmares (which isn’t to say that he is scared of the dark…necessarily).




Tyler Nilson is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. He does things differently. He was expelled from MHS in 1998 and sent to Manteo's alternative school (which he was also promptly expelled from). This is why it took him 5 years to graduate high school. He has traveled extensively on little or no money and has high fived a bevy of amazing people — just look at his resume. Whatever amazing thing you can imagine, Tyler is doing it right now. He once ate a 1lb chocolate truffle all by himself because someone said "you can't." Tyler spends his days getting paid to pretend to be other people (technically referred to as "acting") and makes things with his brain into digital media ("producing"). He once had a show where he ate food ("hosting"). Tyler is a known ego maniac and although this bio was written by anonymous everyone knows he wrote it himself. Whatever.





Stefanie Daidone, known as “Hey, Nerd” to her friends, is a 2001 graduate of Manteo, though she isn't a huge fan of organized education. Preferring streets smarts to book smarts, she built up her street cred after college in the music industry (She has Jigga-man's cell number). After a couple years of babysitting stars, she jumped over to the New York advertising world and is now working for a place so cool you haven't heard of it yet. Stef hates pina coladas and getting caught in the rain, but has a weakness for peanut butter and Mexican food. Her bucket list includes travel to Turkey, Australia, South Africa, as well as the elimination of the word “bucket list” from pop culture.






John Michael Buscemi.  John Buscemi. Johnny Buscemi.  These three people are unique in their own right, yet they are all the same person.  John Michael Buscemi was a part of MHS's epic Class of 2001. After a 5 year stint in Raleighwood, there was an N.C. State Aeronautical Engineering degree with someone else's name on it — for like a locust shedding his crusty shell, Michael was no longer a part of him.  John Buscemi is now a successful Rocket Scientist and is responsible for designing the jet engines you will one day use to drive your flying cars. But rather than being caught in the rat race of office life, John Buscemi added two letters to create Johnny Buscemi the indie rocker.  You can call him Mr. Buscemi though, because you are a high school kid.





Justin Milks is part engineer, part philosopher, and part man-bear-pig.  He analyzes (based on data), contemplates (based on emotions), and decides (based on some convoluted mix of the two).  He is spontaneous, yet cautious; he is carefree, yet careful.   He’s honest and loyal, yet decisive and cut throat.  He enjoys helping others, yet prioritize himself over all.  His passion lies within the electronic field (in which he has made an immediate difference), and can take many un-observable forms (like designing the tiny computer chip that powers this computer right now). 






Johnathan Duke or John Duke. Go ahead, Google him. You won't find his greatness on the grid. You won't see youtube videos of the rigorous scientific tests that he orchestrates on a daily basis in the name of chemistry. You won't find his endless catalog of highly sought after organic recipes. Some people say Mother Nature is a fickle woman. The people who actually know what they are talking about say she's going steady with John Duke.