Are you a straight A student? Perfect attendance? Highest GPA in your class rank honor society?


If you have a pulse and are a Senior at Manteo or First Flight High School you could be:

The Inaugural World's Greatest Scholarship in the Universe Scholar

It's the greatest scholarship in the history of the world, for it rewards only the most awesome, quirky, funny, interesting, and intriguing of high school Seniors. It's simple:
You share what you are passionate about with us in the most creative way possible — in any format.

Ultimately, the scholarship will award one senior from each school this prestigious honor as well as $500 to use however you see fit as you embark on life after high school.
Here's the low down in video form:

Have questions? Email the board personally — they are all very awesome and very successful human beings that you should idolize as you transition into adulthood.